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Grease Interceptor / Oil Interceptor


Environmental Quality Act, 1974
(Sewage and Industrial Effluents Regulations)

1. First Schedule
List of Discharges to which These Regulations Do NOT Apply

. Processing of oil-palm fruit or oil-palm fresh fruit bunches into crude palm oil, whether as an
intermediate or final product;
. Processing of natural rubber in technically specified form, latex form including prevulcanised or the
form of modified and special purpose rubber, conventional sheet, skim or scrap rubber;
. Mining activities;
. Processing, manufacturing, washing or servicing of any other products or goods :
i. That produce effluent of less than 60 cubic metres (13,000 imperial gallons) per day ;
ii. That the effluent of which does not contain those contaminants listed as parameters (vi) to
(xvi) in the first column of the Third Schedule ;
iii. Where the total load of biochemical oxygen demand of the effluent fixed at 20 degree
centigrade for 5 days or suspended solid or both, shall not exceed 6 kilogrammes per day
(concentration 100 miligrammes per litre) ;
iv. In any housing or commercial development or both of less than 30 units, without affecting
the generality of the (iii) above.

2. Second Schedule
Standard Methods Of Analysis of Effluent

I. “Standard Methods of the Examination of Water and Wastewater” published jointly by the American
Public Health Association, the American Water Works Association and the Water Pollution Control
Federation of the United State; or
II. “Analysis of Raw, Potable and Wastewaters” published by the Department of the Environment of the
United Kingdom.


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