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LAKASA Auto-Dosing Unit (ADU)
LAKASA Auto-Dosing Unit (ADU) is highly recommended to install in conjunction with grease interceptor. It will ensure the dosing of biomatic liquid enzyme at regular intervals consistently. It enhances the efficiency of the operation and significantly reducing the build-up of grease and frequency of cleaning.
Specification of Auto-Dosing Unit
The unit is a temporized dosing system, activated by a programmable digital clock. It comes together with a peristaltic pump, 2.5 m electric wiring and 3.0m (6mm ) flexible polythene enzyme supply tube.
The advantages of LAKASA Auto-Dosing Unit
1. There is a digital timer to control setting for the dosage and timing of dosing the biomatic enzyme. The reliability and accuracy for the timing and dosage setting is important and critical, because this will ensure the optimum performance of the enzyme and to avoid the wastage of enzyme.
2. The setting is digital type and is user-friendly. Easy and fast to learn and understand. Do not require any specially-trained technician to come and adjust the setting.
3. There is a Back-up battery for the setting in case of power failure. The setting will still be valid and when the power supply is resumed. The auto-dosing system will continue to run as normal and do not have to re-set again. This is another important point to ensure the proper running of the Biomatic Grease Interceptor System!
4. Auto-Dosing Unit is usually installed at the wet area (Kitchen). The casing of LAKASA Auto-Dosing Unit is of standard IP56 - Waterproof. This is to avoid breakdown caused from water to the electronic component and motor.
5. The whole unit is fully imported from an established manufacturer from Europe. From the past record, there is seldom any breakdown complaint. This proves the reliability and quality of LAKASA Auto-Dosing Unit.

Technical Characteristics
Power supply 230 V
13 amp fuse
Single phased
3 pin plug
Power consumption 5 W
Timer Digital clock
ADU dimension 150 x 190 x 110 mm

Material: Stainless Steel
Size : 265(W)*610(H)*175mm(D)
The LAKASA ADU is located in close proximity to the grease interceptor. A conduit pipe (>7mm ) for the enzyme supply tube is recommended to link the auto-doser to the grease interceptor. The recommended distance is not more than 5 meters for effective transmission of enzyme from the source to the destination.

Operating Instruction for ADU
I. Connect the ADU to a 13 amp power point.
II. Set the current time at the digital clock.
III. Set the dosing ON time (2 hours after the kitchen is closed) and the dosing OFF time for a correct dosing duration according to recommended enzyme dosage.
IV. Run manual dosing with the initial dosage and to ensure the ADU is running properly.


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