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LAKASA Floor Sediment Trap

Adequate number of floor drains and proper drainage of surface areas within and immediately adjacent to building structures is of prime importance. Careful consideration must be given to these areas, particularly their size, and the anticipated volume of drainage to be handled. Drainage volume is governed by a number of factors, depending on the building type and its use. Some of the factors to be considered include water discharge from equipment, run-off from vehicles, condensate waste and emergency drainage. The drainage volume of surfaces outside the building is normally based on rainfall factors for the geographical region in which the project is located.

The location, for which a drain is required, plays an important role in the selection of the drain. Basements, boiler and equipment rooms, parking and service areas, utility rooms, machine and processing areas, elevator pits, toilet and shower rooms, laundries, kitchens, cold storage areas and many other locations must be equipped with floor drains.

LAKASA Floor Drain Sediment Trap is recommended for use in areas where heavy traffic occurs and water contains sediment and debris that must be intercepted. LAKASA Floor Drain c/w large Free Area of Top Grate [vertical designed flat bar (20mm X 4mm or 25mm X 6mm), with gap of 20mm] and deep sump can handle large volume of incoming waste water, both suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

Top size of Floor Drain normally relates directly to the grate free area which is the total area of drainage openings in the grate for efficient drainage. Interior floor drains should have a grate free area equal to 1-1/2 times the free area of the connecting pipe. Exterior area drains subject to rainfall should have a minimum free area equal to 2 times the free area of the connecting pipe. This recommended ratio of free area to outlet size (connecting pipe size) is per Floor Drain Standard ANSI A112.21.1M- 1980.

The sediment bucket is used to intercept and collect debris such as solid objects and leaves so the waste system is protected. For some application, whereby the bucket is not required, a dome bottom strainer or flat bottom strainer may be used to protect the waste system.

The grate cover is securely welded with hinge to the trap body to avoid stolen and trap body is c/w anchor flange at 2 opposing sides body, so that the Floor Drain is firmly installed into pour concrete slab.


Material: Stainless Steel

• Model LFS 4 series (short body) c/w only bottom outlet
• Model LFS 5 series (long body) c/w options: (1) with OR without Inlet pipe; (2) Type A OR Type B

Dimensional Data
MODEL INLET (mm) OUTLET (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm)Type B
(mid outlet to bottom)
LFS 4150 - 50 150 150 150 - - -
LFS 4200 - 75 200 200 150 - - -
LFS 5150 50 75 150 150 300 180 120 100
LFS 5200 50 75 200 200 350 200 150 120
LFS 5250 75 100 250 250 400 220 180 150
LFS 5300 75 100 300 300 500 250 250 200
LFS 5400 75 100 400 400 500 250 250 200

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