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LAKASA Sand Interceptor

LAKASA Stainless Steel Sand Interceptor is designed to separate and retain sand, gritty material or other type of heavy solids to prevent blockage in the drain lines.

The interception process is achieved through the concept and the principle of gravity and flotation separation. The Baffle at the front chamber will effectively reduce the velocity and turbulence of the incoming water and directing the waterflow downwards. This helps and facilitates the settlement of the heavy sand and solid particles to the bottom level. The honeycomb design Mesh Screen located at the exit opening to the second chamber will further intercept and prevent the floating sand to be escaped into the Water Collection chamber (Pump chamber) before effluent water being channelled into the outside drain lines.

The retained sand and other solid particles will be settled and accumulated at the bottom level in the first chamber. Periodic cleaning and clearing routine is to be carried out either by manual scoop or with a sucking pump. During initial period of operation, monitor more regularly to establish the frequency of maintenance required for the particular application. It can be weekly, monthly or once in 3 month depending on the sand content.

Sizing criteria : The system must be of adequate size and design to allow for cool-down of waster water so that the separation can be more readily achieved. Designed to achieve a minimum Water Retention Time (WRT) of 1 minute (with average WRT thru-out the day normally more than 30 minutes. This will be achieved when the pattern of water flow is in intermittent manner) for satisfactory removal Percentage and avoid overflow during peak flow of incoming waste water.



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