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SIRIM Test Report

LAKASA Grease Interceptor



LAKASA Neutralization Tank

SIRIM Test Results(Ref: ETC 237/16/206 (R 080/04)) on LAKASA Neutralization Tank.


1. Retention time of > 45 minutes will normally achieve optimum neutralization process.
2. LAKASA Neutralization Tank can increase pH of acidic water of initial pH~1.6 to pH~5.0 at the average of 0.12/minute and limestone requirement of 12kg/unit pH change.
3. The pH change is about 0.10 per kg limestone used.
4. The temperature of the water remains stable during the whole neutralization process.
5. The performance evaluation exercise on the LAKASA Neutralization Tank was limited in simulating the actual mode of application. There was no actual movement of liquid through the limestone during the study conducted by SIRIM. The efficiency of the neutralization tank is expected to increase with flow rate adjustment in an actual nstallation.
6. The volume of limestones (Calcium Carbonate based neutralizing agents) and thus the neutralizing capacity of the system will be reduced gradually during the neutralizing process.
7. A maintenance schedule should be established to observe and maintain proper limestone levels in the tank. Limestone replacement should be performed at regular intervals.

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